Xeikon 330 / 3300 Presses

Labelsprint’s commitment to total quality in printed labels is embedded in our people and processes and our pioneering business initiative to bring the first Xeikon digital label presses of their type into the UK starting in 2005 with the Xeikon 330 and in 2009 with the first high speed Xeikon 3300 digital label press.

Digital Printed Labels essentially depend upon the print application process to achieve high label print standards of quality. Since start-up we have digitally printed over 500,000 different label CMYK designs across the companies Xeikon 330 digital label press and Xeikon 3300 high speed digital label press where the new QA-I toner is applied. The Xeikon presses both delivers high-impact labels, rich in color depth and subtle contrasts for photorealistic images. The five-unit presses feature the ability to print the four standard process colors along with opaque white, spot colors or a security toner.

We regularly print the high density single pass white on clear labels and have added a special orange for occasional applications though in fact the Xeikon presses produce a large process colour gamut partly because the non contact print process delivers deep solid colour as well as low percentage highlights so to date there has been no real call on specials.

The Xeikon 3300 runs on Xeikon QA-I toner for printing labels, this toner combines the benefits of a chemically produced toner with the performance of a traditionally produced tone and is compliant with FDA-regulations for indirect and direct food contact. The dry toner electrophotography imaging process enables the use of conventional substrates without coating or pre-treatment.

QA-I toner enhances colourfast standards and conforms to the preventive maintenance routines already embedded in our processes

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