Variable data and coding

Labelsprint are market leaders in the printing of variable or sequential information onto self adhesive labels.

We have unparalleled experience in the many formats variable coding can take.   You can supply us a spreadsheet of codes or a database of information and our experts can incorporate this into the print process.   We also write bespoke software that can manipulate the most complex of information – every label can be unique, even on runs of hundreds of thousands.

Unlike other methods of variable printing, the images are not limited to black.  Our digital presses can print the information in full colour – so the possibilities really are limitless.  Additionally, the variable data that we digitally print is not offline, it is part of the primary print process - fused to the web and where required this can be covered by an over-lamination for long term durability and particular environments.

Variable data is used in many different fields and we can produce a multitude of different products:

  • Promotional

  • Peel and Reveal and Multi Ply with Variable Coding


  • Variable Coding On Adhesive Side

  •  Variable Barcoding


  • Unique Product ID

  •  Variable Coding + Scratch Off Panel


  • Variable Coding On Window Stickers

  • Permits


  • Shipping and Tracking

  • Asset Numbering

  • Mailing



Counterfeit Protection

Labels printed digitally with variable data, random and sequential codes have a major role to play in brand protection and product authentication. Security data can be digitally printed as part of the primary print process by Labelsprint using our Variable Array Label Identification (VALID) so each label is unique if necessary and labelled products can be tracked and traced to batch, date, version etc and in the process protecting against counterfeit.

With Labelsprint digital labels we can apply individual label identity in codes that can be configured to embrace the specific parameters of a product or brand. For example simple discrete codes that break into segments can identify a product by country of origin, date of manufacture, batch or lot number, type or issue of registration and sequential code.
So a unique identifier per label could be set into the Labelsprint digital label workflow that runs an alphanumeric sequence with parameters that can change at defined frequency. The code is part of the primary label print process so it can be under the varnish or lamination not overprinted and vulnerable to removal in normal handling. If necessary the codes could be printed in UV white on a white zone in a label or they can remain visible. A product suspected to be counterfeited can be cross referenced to the label code register.


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