Custom Printed Digital Labels

"Managing a large range of product labels of different shapes and sizes has become a lot easier with Labelsprint's process. Being able to vary the order quantities across the range is very cost effective for us as we don't end up with thousands of labels for write off when changes are made. We also now have the flexibility to trial new products with minimal spend. Additonally my opinion is that the quality of the digital labels is better than the conventional process, the colours are brighter and because of quick turnaround times, the amount we commit to label stock has halved".Alan Aitken, Director, LINQ Distribution (UK) Limited
Digital label printing enables label users to access custom printed labels and multi design labels without buying expensive and wasteful printing plates. Our pioneering approach to digital labels uses the same industry standard self adhesive label material and finish but we do not use solvent based inks in our eco friendly, food safe print process. Our digital toner is colourfast and our print process delivers photo quality images, crisp bar codes, fine text and smooth tones.

Based on our leading experience as digital label printers we have developed a label service that can take you through the stages to obtaining your labels. We print form your artwork files including PDF artwork; we can print press proofs for you to test apply, we have a cutter library at your service and we can help through pre-press to optimise your label size and cost so please contact us for free label samples and to start on the fast track digital label service. 
Digital labels remove traditional printing problems as following examples show:
Do you buy ranges of labels and hold stock to achieve unit prices?
  • Our custom printed digital labels offer you multi design label flexibility and responsiveness to market opportunities. They are printed with different design versions and quantities in the same print run without printing plates or set up cost. Digital labels are perfect for private labels, niche markets, personalised printed labels and short run wide variety labeling. Buy just what you want, don't hold expensive stocks.
Are you frustrated by long lead times?
  • Our delivery time is typically between 3-4 working days and we can arrange call-off deliveries and scheduled print times to suit your label need. In emergencies if we have your artwork on file we can be printing in minutes.
Do you need press proofs or prototype runs?
  • Traditional label printing methods mean you very rarely get to see what you are buying before it arrives. Our digital solution includes the ability to produce a full press proof or small prototype run, using your artwork, printed on the actual substrate the job will be on. We can also offer full finishing on the proofs, including gloss or matt varnishes and laminations so you can fully assess the labels which when approved become our contract standard.
Do you have a need for variable or personalized information?
  • Our digital label service can merge different images, colours, bar codes, numbers and text in a single run to achieve highly personalisedand variable data labels.
Do you have problems with poor quality on complex decorative labels?
  • Traditional printing methods often cause hard lines and registration issues on high quality label designs. Our selected digital process eliminates these issues, offering outstanding clarity, smooth tones, fine text, accuracy and colour consistency.
Are your labels on different materials?
  • We can print onto most substrates including papers, white or clear PP or PE, industrial vinyl’s, blockout substrates and security materials. We apply a dense white to back images printed on clear labels so contact us for samples.
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