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Since early 2010 Labelsprint have printed digital labels using the new QA-I toner to great effect in a user test programme.

In the period Labelsprint have printed around 20,000 different label designs across millions of labels on different materials and finishes. According to press technicians some of the most noticeable benefits from QA-I in production practice include print results across areas of flat solid colour and productivity improvements.

To quote Xeikon "Quadrupled Adapted toners use of shape-modified polyester tone for image quality and eco-friendliness.

The new toners come in two types: the Industrial version (QA-I), and the Productivity version (QA-P). QA-I toner has been developed specifically for the Xeikon 3000 family and addresses the packaging and labelling market. It delivers major advances in image quality, light fastness, food safety and ecological benefits. Built on Xeikon's proven Form Adapted (FA) technology, the QA-toners raise the bar of digital colour print toners to new heights."

Labelsprint continue to run V3 on their Xeikon 330 which is also operated across 2 shifts alongside the 3300. With a wide variety of digitally printed labels flowing across the presses there is no problem selecting designs that may benefit most from QA-I and designs that run great on FA.

Digital printed labels using QA-I dry toner are colourfast to a higher standard than before and the Xeikon non contact process achieves a large process colour gamut. To this gamut Labelsprint have added a special orange colour for the first time in over 50,000 designs printed CMYK just to address the very occasional special orange need.

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