Printed Labels Proofs

Printed label press proofs are supplied on production self adhesive material and finish, printed from your files.You can cut and apply the printed label proofs for client presntations, exhibitions, photo shoots and to scan the bar codes, check all text and images as well as the functional application; your approved press proofs are then the standard for us to match in label printing all without buying any printing plates. If your job is multi design labels or shaped labels they can be included in a single digital labels proof.

Press proofs serve also to fully model the physical application of printed labels so adhesive strength, waterproof or freezer proof etc aspects can be assessed. We can supply press proofs made from different materials and finish combinations so you can compare cost and function of Matt varnish and Matt over-lamination for example. If required press proofs can be printed on clear label material with a background white where required.

The approved press proof serves as our contract standard to match thereafter and we can print a large or small run labels of different designs time to match the approved proofs labels.

The digital label printing process does not require printing plates so set up costs are minimal and since we print labels direct from your artwork file we can quickly run your printed labels proofs on our production presses using the exact production printed labels material and finish.

Printed labels press proofs are not die-cut so if you have a special shape label you do not need to buy a die cutter to access the press proof. We can print a cutter profile on your press proof so you can cut out the label to fully approve the print quality, colour, content and you can apply the label to the container for exhibitions, presentations, photo and promo initiatives and to make sure the label fits the container, especially important for special shape labels. You can also ensure the label colour is correct once applied to the container especially important if the container is coloured.

Digital label press proofs are printed on our production presses using production stock and finish. Many designs can be printed in a single digital press pass as a scatter proof that can be cut and applied to fully assess without buying a plate. We print on the production stock and finish in whatever combination is required.

We can print a cutter profile so you can cut and apply labels to fully assess colour and content as well as fit, form and function before committing to any production, particularly useful when planning special shape labels. Once approved the proof is a contract standard for us to match. We frequently print large ranges of label designs as press proofs to assist.


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