People and pet care printed labels

 "Loveigloo is a design and marketing team based in North Wales with Clients across Wales, the UK, and the Far East. We work to create impactful company and product identities, packaging and marketing materials across a variety of media and sales channels.

Labelsprint has provided Loveigloo and our Clients with an invaluable resource, especially when it comes to launching new products. Labelsprint's digital printing of labels offers flexibility in terms of volumes and has helped minimise costs whilst still delivering good quality labels with a fast turnaround.

The team at Labelsprint has been proactive in terms of explaining the various aspects of their production process to help us design effectively. The result is that we have achieved good-looking high-impact labels that help our clients attain strong product and brand awareness."

Ben Hellfeld, Partner, Dylunio Loveigloo Design.



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