Lightfast Inks

Our Digitally Printed Self Adhesive Labels use revolutionary new colourfast dry toner to create the printed label content of your artwork files. This dry toner is statically attracted to the print surface in a calibrated and controlled process then heat fused to the web before the printed label is finished with a varnish or lamination. In this way we do not use expensive printing plates, we do not use solvent based inks and we are able to achieve a large process colour gamut with photo quality images and fine crisp text all to higher standards of colourfastness.

The issue of colourfastness is subjective and depends on the environment in which the printed label is exposed to certain wavelengths of light. Bin labels illustrated above operate in a potentially severe environment but if the bin is facing to the sun or away from the sun will significantly influence its exposure and hence any colour degradation. Our colourfast toners are widely applied on our digitally printed bin labels and many other labels printed for applications from chemical labels to cosmetics labels; our printed label toners have high colourfast ratings as stated in the specifications.

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