Digital Label Printing

Our digital labels are high quality and printed without the cost and waste of printing plates. We use industry standard materials and finishes, our dry toner is solvent free, eco friendly, food safe and colour fast, contact us for free samples.

We print digital labels using our Xeikon digital label printing presses. We introduced the UK's first Xeikon 330 digital label printing press in 2005 and the UK's first high speed Xeikon 3300 in 2009. More recently we brought the UK’s first wide web and high speed Xeikon 3500 into our press hall. Our label printing capacity enables us to achieve the quality and fast printed label service required by our customers for multi design labels, custom printed labels, small run printed labels and larger quantity labels print.
We operate inline printed label finishing services for gloss or matt varnish, over lamination; die cut regular and special shaped labels printed on rolls. In all we have the capacity, contingency and expertise to deliver your high quality printed labels economically and fast.
We recognise that digital labels are still relatively new. Our label service aims to simplify the whole label print process, to minimise cost and achieve high quality digital print we are keen to assist you in the specification of your labels. Please contact us to discuss your printed label needs before going too far, there are economies to be made by selecting appropriate materials, finish, colours and label sizes from our extensive free label die cutter library and we are keen to assist at this critical early stage.
In addition to digital labels on rolls we can also supply press-proofs - these are printed on our presses using the specified self adhesive material and finish so you can cut and apply to your product before committing to a production run.

Press proofs can be used to demonstrate packaging at exhibitions and seminars and to assess designs for approval as well as label fit, adhesion and labels print quality.
Our digital labelsprint process is eco friendly because we do not use solvents or generate wet waste, we do not abate fumes to the atmosphere and we do not make and dispose of wasteful polymer plates. Additionally we use recyclable materials wherever possible. 

Our digital label printing is proven to deliver the best label service and quality to large and small markets custom printed labels, multi design labels, small run printed labels and proof printed labels. Our process is eco friendly and does not incur the costs of printing plates.
Photo quality images, crisp text, fine tones and a large process colour gamut are available to you through our digital label service. Contact us for free samples.


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