Digital Case Studies


Case Study 1 – Unique Manufacturing Parts ID

“The Toyota Manufacturing UK parts ID programme is a continuously enhanced control of logistics to minimize delay and loss of time or materials in this highly complex Just In Time process. Working with Labelsprint we defined suitable self adhesive label materials and critically the means of uniquely identifying each label so that our coded tracking process can take place.”

A partnership with Labelsprint has proved to be a revolution for Toyota Motor Manufacturing.

Toyota utilize a just in time system for the supply of vehicle parts that come in from supply lines throughout the world. Hundreds of individual suppliers use multiple package types to make up thousands of variable combinations. Their facility requires a precise flow of parts to the correct production area at the right time – there are significant knock on costs for the wrong part being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Their own sustainability policy also requires that the packaging is routed into the production and sent back to the supplier for repeated re-use.

We created a completely bespoke digital solution for a run of over a million labels. Every single label is unique, serial numbered, barcoded, colour coded and specific to the each Toyota supplier. Using barcodes on the packaging as well as supplier colour codes and clear country and supplier labeling reduces the chances of error.







The workflow - how it works

  • There are no artworks to manage – each is a “virtual artwork” that is added to the PPML as a “reusable object” definition at runtime.
  • Each virtual label is linked in our production system to a colour specific virtual die-cutter definition.
  • Every label produced under a supplier code and pack/case code combination gets a unique serial number.
  • Special forms are produced as required, these include long folding-box labels and A4 scaled versions.


Case Study 2 – Industrial Own Brand Label Printing

A large adhesive manufacturer offers an extensive product range under their own brand.  Additionally they also produce own label products for many of their customers. Historically these were produced in house using colour laser printers on flat sheets, which they also laminated. There were three problems with this:

1) The printing of the labels in-house proved to be far too time consuming.
2) The labels themselves were of poor quality
3) They wanted to automate the application of the labels, thus required them to be on rolls.

All of their labels are now digitally printed. They have a weekly production slot with us, so enjoy a very quick turnaround. They can offer retail quality labels to their clients, often supplying prototype runs for pre- production approval. The labels are produced on a high quality coated PE with an additional gloss laminate and are supplied on rolls for automatic application.

Additionally Labelsprint offer the customer a unique web to print portal. They can log in to our server via our website, uploading or amend their files, pick and choose what they need to order and send them straight to print. As they buy over 600 label product lines this has proved to be a vital tool, saving on administration and paperwork.


Case Study 3 - Numbered Window Stickers Cut To Singles

A popular tourist attraction had a requirement for window stickers with information printed on both the front (adhesive) sides and the reverse. However they also needed a sequential visitor number printed on both the adhesive and non adhesive sides. The run was sizeable at over half a million labels. Additonally the client want the labels cut to singles and supplied back in sequential order.

Printing onto a peelable polypropylene our digital presses produced a vibrant four colour image plus the sequential number onto the front, whilst printing the legal copy on the reverse. They were guillotined to singles at the end of the line and bound into batches of 100.


Case Study 4 - Unique Imagery

A medical device company had launched a product that helped people who had communication issues, however the product required hundreds of different visuals on self adhesive labels. The launch was also being rolled out throughout the world, so the labels also needed to be printed in 18 different languages. The client had approached several potential suppliers but had been disappointed at the lack of flexibility of traditional printing methods, not to mention thousands of pounds worth of plate costs.

Labelsprint was able to produce the entire range totaling some 800 different labels in one print run. Because there were no press setups between sorts it was extremely cost effective - there were also no origination or plate costs.


Case Study 5 - Digital Peel and Reveal

A top end cosmetics manufacturer was launching a new range of skincare products. They needed product and application information on the label but they were very limited for space. The solution was a dual layer peel and reveal label, however there were multiple products to be labelled and the individual quantities required were very small.

Our digital presses were able to produce 10 sorts of peel and reveal labels extremely cost effectively, with zero origination and plate costs.


Case Study 6 – Variable Quantity Run For Business Startup

When The Equestrian Trading Company set up in business they had a extensive product range that they wanted to take to market straight away,  but without any prior knowledge of how sales would go did not having to commit to larger quantities than they needed.

Labelsprint produced over 150 lines for them in one run, with individual quantities ranging from 1000 of each to just 50 of each sort. The client can now order any quantity of these individually or collectively moving forward, without affecting the unit cost.


Case Study 7 - Digitally Personalised Labels For Resellers

A chemical company was manufacturing a range of products that they sold via a selection of distributors. However the resellers were overlabelling parts of the original labels with their own company contact details, thus cheapening the look of the product.

We suggested that using our digital presses, we could provide the customer with a pre-branded solution that meant they could label for their resellers at the point of manufacture. Additionally instead of a cheap looking mono label, we could print fully personalized reseller details, including four colour logos and imagery. This has led to a substantial increase in sales across the whole of their business.


Case Study 8 - Large Scale Private Labelling

Europe’s largest remanufacturer of inkjet cartridges approached us with a mammoth task. Namely to digitise their entire label operation, which comprised hundreds of lines covering millions of labels per annum.

Up until this point their labels had produced via traditional label printing methods, which meant cashflow and space tied up with larger orders. Other issues included being unable to react to new clients requesting short prototype runs, as well as being tied to high minimum order label quantities.

By using the latest digital label technology we have streamlined their operation, giving them just in time ordering by offering them a bi-weekly production slot. Their label library is fully automated by our web to print portal, enabling them to amend and upload new artwork and sending.


Case Study 9 - Unique Coding, Numbering and Tracking

A market leader in product identification and tracking solutions had created a unique system offering a ‘smart’ label, enabling users to locate lost luggage and personal items. They had a massive database of customer information, every one with specific tracking codes for every item.  Our software team worked closely with the client to create bespoke software, taking their database and converting to unique coding in the form of a multi part label set.

Additionally the labels themselves needed to adhere permanently to various items, including notoriously difficult surfaces such as cloth, vinyl and leather. The label sets were manufactured on a white vinyl with an ultra high tack adhesive and additonally laminated for protection against scuffing and abrasion in transit.


Case Study 10 – On Pack Promotion - Variable Coding On Adhesive Side

A leading UK cheese manufacturer wanted an on pack promotion, offering consumers free weekend breaks to a range of hotels and venues. The brief was for a four colour label with the competition information printed on the reverse (on the adhesive side). Additionally they required a unique code to be printed on the adhesive side, which the consumer could then enter into a microsite to see if they had a winning number. They also needed a very quick turnaround!

Working from a database of codes supplied by the client and using the latest digital technology we produced the job in one pass in 3 days.


Case Study 11 - Variable Contact Information

A leading UK wide courier company wanted to personalize a particular area of their service and improve the individual relationships between their customers and their drivers. They came upon the idea of each driver having their own individually personalised labels, featuring the driver’s name and contact details.

Working from information supplied by the customer Labelsprint produced a run for over 500 different contacts, dispatching to several depots throughout the country on small, mangeable reels.


Case Study 12 - On Demand Export Labelling

A leading UK High Street confectioner was looking to expand into overseas retail. Opening shops in the US, Dubai and Saudi Arabia, they wanted to offer all of their extensive product range. However because there was no historical sales information, the client was not in a position to order large amounts of product and risk stock wastage. To complicate matters they also needed different languages, as well as different regulatory and sizing information for the different countries.

In all the requirement was for over 750 different lines and the turnaround requirement was 3 days. They had to be labelled and bagged individually by part number, production date and end destination.

Proofs were sent back for approval within 4 hours of artwork receipt. The lack of setup time required between sorts on our digital presses meant the labels were grouped by size and produced during a 36 hour period, before being packed according to the customer specifications and shipped.


Case Study 13 - Design And Printing Of Multi Sort Window Stickers

When a group of car dealerships decided to centralize their purchasing, one of the items they wanted get produced more effectively was their promotional window stickers. Until then each individual dealer had been buying their own ID stickers, often paying inflated prices and experiencing prohibitive minimum order quantities. The other issue was that because each dealer was responsible for the design of the labels there was no consistent corporate branding between the dealers.

Working with the client our studio originated a corporate design, then created a ‘family’ of window stickers specific to the particular dealer, whilst still retaining consistency across the group. The initial run was for all of the sorts, but they can now be ordered individually without fear of aesthetic or quality variances.


Case Study 14 - On Pack Promotion + Unique Code + Scratch Off

A major manufacturer of power tools wanted to launch an on pack promotion where the winners would win a trip to the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand. The requirement was for a label marketing the competition, but with an additional unique code that the client would enter into a microsite. However to preserve the integrity of the competition the code needed to be hidden.

Labelsprint produced a striking looking label including the variable information, then laminated the surface and a latex scratch off panel was added to hide the code.


Case Study 15 - Branded / Seasonal High Street Products

A large injection moulding company was already one of the leading UK suppliers of children’s lunchboxes, selling via high street chains and via a network of distributors. However they were finding that they were losing out on several business opportunities where the runs required were relatively short. An example would be a range of lunchboxes branded with a new film release: it would prove to have very popular initial impact but naturally a limited lifespan. The fallout was high label wastage, not to mention several thousands of pounds worth of origination and plate costs.

Labelsprint’s digital solution offered the client the flexibility to attack the short run promotion market without being inhibited by minimum order quantities or origination charges. Their short run business has doubled since the partnership, enabling them to enjoy a profitable new revenue stream.


Case Study 16 - Prototype Run For Supermarket Presentation

A small but successful food manufacturer specialised in the supply of breakfasts ‘on the go’. Setting up stalls in many of London’s busy commuter routes, they experienced fantastic growth selling their shakes and cereals to thousands of customers every day.

When they had an opportunity to get their products into one of the major supermarkets, they wanted to rebrand and update the packaging and make them more retail orientated. Labelsprint’s studio successfully redesigned their labels, giving them a far more contemporary look but whilst retaining the rustic, organic feel they desired.

Using our latest digital technology we were then able to produce a dozen press prototypes of each of 8 product types, which the client placed on their products. Having the actual packaging to display to the supermarket helped with their successful pitch.


Case Study 17 – Digital Overlabelling and Label Application

An agency representing Oxfam came to us with an extremely challenging requirement. In the previous year they had commissioned the manufacture of printed fridge magnets. After this promotion had come to an end they were left with nearly a million overs which they did not want to send to landfill.

They came up with the idea of placing a label over the existing magnet design and reusing them for a new promotion. They needed over 120 different four colour designs, printed on a blockout paper to obscure the current design. However they also needed the labels to be applied to the magnets themselves!

Labelsprint undertook and managed the entire project. Using artwork supplied our digital presses printed over 900,000 labels over 50 different sorts onto specified roll sizes.

We then worked very closely with Oxfam with the logistics of shipping, storing and relabeling the magnets. The labels needed to be placed to a 0.5mm vertical and horizontal tolerance. What further complicated matters was that the magnets themselves were made of a flexible vinyl, so the magnets needed to be held in place tightly enough so the application was precise, but not too tightly that they bent upwards or downwards.

A quality control representative spent several days with ourselves and a trade partner setting up a bespoke automatic application line. Operating 24 hour shifts, the complete job was turned around and packed to Oxfam’s specifications within a week.


Case Study 18 - Promotional Peel and Reveal + Unique Code

A luxury beverage company wanted to run a promotion offering customers a chance to win various holidays and other prizes. However they were a little unsure how to reach a large audience as the beverage is a prestige brand not sold in the bottle via retail, but to bars, clubs and restaurants for consumption by the glass. They developed a concept of having a giveaway plastic stirrer which would somehow feature a unique code that would tell the consumer if they had won.

Our sales team worked closely with the client to create a bespoke peel and reveal label design. We developed a dual layer oversized design that would wrap back on itself around the neck of the stirrer. The label was printed four colour throughout with the promotional information on the cover. Using the customer’s database the variable code was printed on the base label, whilst special cuts in the cover allowed for a designated area which the client could peel back to reveal if they had a winning code.

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