Colour Management

As the leading UK digital label printers we recognise the need for explicit printed label colour management controls. The colour label print process starts with artwork and covers a series of steps from artwork seen on a screen in the primary colours Red Green & Blue (RGB) through saving, transfer, pre-press, and the final print result, sometimes called gamut mapping the colour management process is vital in the delivery of printed label quality and consistency that can be expected and predicted from the artwork to the printed label. In these steps the initial large gamut RGB artwork may alter in colour from that seen on a monitor to a smaller colour gamut image printed on paper using the process colours Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and the Key colour Black (CMYK).

Fast Small Run Labels and Trade Labels receive equal attention in our colour management process operated as part of our ISO 9001:2008 quality label process. Printed self adhesive label colours are measured as points in a colour space (top pic) using international standard values of the Commission Internationale d'Eclairage (CIE) the coordinates that pinpoint specific colours as L* a* b* values referred to as CIELAB or LAB values. L is the value of lightness where a & b are coordinate positions in a colour space.

Contact us through this LABELSPRINT website for samples of our full colour printed labels, our digital labels print process does not require printing plates so we print without plate costs and your labels now can be laminated or varnish finished on film or paper label stock.

The colour wheel (above) illustrates gamut and chroma sum values for different (Gravure) presses as part of a press characterisation or fingerprinting exercise. As discussed above our non-contact digital label 4 colour process print enables Labelsprint to print the lightest of highlights (lower % than gravure) and the deepest of solid colour density so we are able to achieve a wide tonal range and large process colour gamut that satisfies the vast majority of self adhesive printed label requirements.

The chart also serves to illustrate a relationship between the nested gamut's of several press process colour print and the larger (red line) Pantone Matching System (PMS approximate) gamut and how in some cases it is not possible to match a PMS colour that sits outside the process colour gamut using process colours and in these cases it is necessary either to use a special or spot colour or maybe compromise a little to gain the economy of 4 colour process.

Labelsprint serve the label needs of small business across Europe and as a leading digital label printer we have printed some 50,000 different adhesive label designs since start-up all using our 2 Xeikon eco-friendly label printing presses with colours including custom printed labels of Tesco blue & Coca-Cola red from digitally printed labels using CMYK so for label printers our particular available digital label process colour gamut is large and versatile.

We also frequently print press proofs on the production material and finish so end users and designers can fully assess a range of label designs created from process colours. We operate the leading Xeikon 330 and the new fast speed 3300 presses each with full inline finishing so have the print capacity and operational contingency to deliver the fast low cost label print service required.

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