The benefits of digital printed labels are significant particularly when your requirement is for many different designs of full colour high quality printed labels, crisp text labels and clear barcode labels. Label print files set the critical path to prefect digital labels and our guidelines attempt to explain with examples how to create and supply artwork to a standard that delivers your perfect labels.

Our leading edge Xeikon digital label presses are capable of perfect label print subject to the artwork files supplied we print labels with fine black and coloured text, text reversed from background process colours, photo quality illustrations with a wide tonal range printing label design content from light highlights to dense solids in continuous tone variation without hard edges because we do not print with plates or transfer blankets.

From the images above there is a clear label printed on clear self adhesive polypropylene (PP) the black area is clear and the label is viewed above from front and back. The bright four colour process images are backed by a patterned white file to enhance the visual appearance of the printed label content only when applied to its host surface so a patterned white separation would be attached to the artwork PDF with the white separation in say magenta to view so we can switch to our opaque white on press.

Other images show magnified photos of a face printed at 600 dpi & 1,200 dpi and both are achieved if your file is saved @ a resolution of 300 dpi. In fact this face portion is 6mm across so the resolution difference is barely perceptible by eye on the label.

Barcode labels or regions of a label should be made from black ideally; the barcode on the left has been created as part of an illustration file and the bars made from process colours and as with any CMYK process slight registration will impair the quality where the barcode on the right has been printed from a file that created the code from black alone.

As a guide ideal files are created and saved in illustrator, 300 dpi, fonts outlined and sent as an ai, eps of PDF; we can supply confirmation PDF proofs with cutter profile or press proofs printed on our presses using production stock and finish.

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