Application And Overlabelling

Labelsprint offers an efficient and economical contract labelling service, using sophisticated own-designed labelling machines, for flat products e.g. pre-erected cartons, sleeves, envelopes, inserts and cards. We provide a fast turn-around with discretion and confidentiality assured.

Our labellers are fitted with inspection equipment, giving you peace of mind that all completed products have been labelled correctly and within specification.

Corrections: Over-label any printing errors and save money. With high-accuracy placement and using labels with black-out permanent adhesive, no-one will ever know what lies beneath!

Security Tagging: We have extensive experience applying all types of tags, elements and inlays; Acousto-Magnetic (AM), Electro-Magnetic (EM), Radio Frequency (RF), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). All our labellers are equipped with anti-static removal, to ensure safe application.

Promotions: Rather than turn down work just because you don’t have the right labelling equipment, let us do it for you! This includes multi-panel, extended text and booklet labels.

New Legislation: Need to apply braille labels, holograms or warning symbols due to changes in packaging legislation? Instead of discarding old cartons or sleeves we can over-label your remaining stock and you get compliant quicker.

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