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Multi design labels or multi sort labels are labels with different designs printed as part of a total quantity. For example multi design labels could be a range of janitorial chemical product label designs printed in various quantities so a press run of say 10,000 digital labels for could comprise 500 each of 20 different multi design labels.

Through our digital printed label service ranges of different label designs are printed fast and direct from a PDF or other file and without any plate charges and this has revolutionised not only the label industry but the markets of our customers who now serve the bespoke needs of their clients.

We in Labelsprint Ltd deliver this multi design label service every day to small SME businesses and larger users who require various quantities of product labels spread across many different label designs to accommodate “own label” product manufacture as an example.
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Multi Design Labels from Labelsprint.

We pioneered multi design labels printing in 2005 by bringing the first Xeikon digital label printer of its type into the UK, since then we have added further newer models. We took the digital labels initiative after researching the printed labels market for many months. Even at that time the market was saturated with conventional label printing capacity we discovered a market interest in small run labels and labels printed across many different label designs in a single press run and this has now become an industry transformation.

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Conventional press technology requires expensive printing plates as part of the origination process, printing plates cost more than money, they are damaging to the environment, wasteful on resources, transportation and disposal and they take time so possibly also costing opportunity.
Multi design labels or multi sort labels printed digitally enable product manufacturers and distributors to minimise inventory and deliver niche products with world class branding in different languages, various menus, different colours, ranges of promotional gifts etc.
In addition to printing labels we also print press proofs on the production material and presses so we can send you a complete set of press proofs covering all of your designs printed digitally on the defined self adhesive material so you can cut and apply to be certain your labels are OK before any quantities are made. The approved press proof then becomes our standard to match in production so removing much of the risk and uncertainty associated with conventional labels printing.
Contact us for samples and examples and to discuss your multi design printed label requirements, as leaders in the field we would hope to be able to contribute something to your ideas.


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