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Our digital label service aims to assist new SME businesses, smaller businesses and entrepreneurial artisan manufacturers in the UK who make some of the finest foods and products but when it comes to finding labelservice they are often confused by the way the printed label industry responds.

Labels are complicated to specify because of all the options in label design, colour, artwork and pre-press; size, shape, material, adhesive and finish. Our digital label service cuts through the complexity and targets your optimum label specification.
We have the experience and label service resources to help throughout your label supply process including proofing where we can print your range of designs including special shapes so you can test pply and fully assess prior to production.
Contact us for free samples and our label service to help you brand your quality products.
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Our digital label service offers printed labels using eco friendly label printing toner applying process colours with a large colour gamut so the whole range of colours can be achieved by digitally blending the four colours CMYK these being Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and the Key colour – Black. We also apply special colours when there is a very rare colour or when the run length justifies the setup but the vast majority of our work involves CMYK and you can receive press proofs of your multi sort labels for approval prior to production including barcode printed labels.

We print digital labels direct from your artwork file so there is no origination or plate charge and we have hundreds of available die cutters for rectangular labels, round digital labels, oval and special shape labels for trigger containers and many other applications so again the secret is to contact us as soon as possible in your process so we can assist with your value engineering bringing label size, container dimensions and multi design label versions into a single point of Labelsprint contact.
Material for printed labels is supplied globally in large quantities and printed labels are cut out from the standard width in a continuous digital label print process.
Label size is also important in optimizing your labels. The size and shape that you need is defined in part by the container but even then you can vary the label size to optimise cost. For example, and in round numbers for ease of explanation, when printing labels using a material 300mm wide we can cut two labels of 150mm wide from the standard stock. If the label is required to be 151mm then only one label can be cut from the standard width so the labels will be about twice the price. In this example we can see how an early discussion with our experienced staff can guide you to low label costs.
So please contact us early in your label process, we can help to save costs, achieve great quality and print press proofs direct from your files for you to cut and apply to fully evaluate prior to any production labels print.
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