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Fast Printed Label Service

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Fast Printed Labels Service

Those new to labels may be interested to know that we deliver fast labels in a number of ways through our digital custom labels printing processes. The speed of label printing is not entirely relevant when addressing speed of the process from order to delivery, there are many links in the chain to fast digital labels, and other factors to consider as part of the total label service.

Detailed Information

Print Fast Labels. We digitally print labels using both the narrow web Xeikon 3000 and the only Xeikon 3500 wide web high speed digital labels printing press in the UK. Because we are purely digital we do not use expensive and wasteful printing plates, and so we do not have the plate making time penalty in our process.

We can print a range of multi design labels in a single press run straight from your files so if necessary we can be printing in minutes from receipt of your artwork. The secret is to get ahead of the sticky label race, clarify your specifications, submit artwork, and get some samples and ideally some press proofs so when you have an urgent need everything is ready. If you have a regular requirement for fast printed labels we can set up a schedule whereby say all your designs received by Tuesday afternoon are printed Wednesday morning.
Stuck Fast Labels. We use various adhesive label strengths and applications. Our general purpose self adhesive labels are available on synthetic material in white or optionally clear for the “no-label” look. General purpose labels are also available in the form of machine coated self adhesive paper labels. The general adhesive is classed as permanent, it is the most usual grade of adhesive on our digital labels and the printed labels can be manually or automatically applied.
There are also optional grades of adhesive strength for more particular applications. For example, peelable labels use an adhesive grade that enables users to easily peel the labels off after purchase, for example in the case on delicate glass wear or promotional stickers applied to clothing are sometimes designated for peelable label stock.
For demanding applications we apply high strength adhesive where the label must stay in place on say luggage or containers which can sometimes pass through cleaning processes with labels attached. You can get free label samples of these adhesives as well as adhesives which are pigmented to obscure any image or text being covered by the label, this is sometimes the case when it is necessary to block-out a bar code with a cover label, and again we can assist with your application and supply free samples.
Colour Fast Labels. Our Xeikon digital printed labels use a dry toner that does not contain solvents so it is eco friendly. Xeikon digital toner is food safe and can be recycled; unlike liquid solvent based toners used by other print processes. In addition and importantly Xeikon digital label toner is proven to be very colourfast.
There are scales for measuring colourfastness, termed values on the “Blue Wool Scale” these values relate to the effect sunlight has on leaching colour from the printed label pigment. Sunlight contains all visible spectrum colours and it is important to consider lighting when assessing a label colour, when viewed under say fluorescent lighting the colour appears different due to metamerism. Colour fastness is subjective, it depends to an extent on how long print is subjected to sunlight and of what strength the light is. Our digital toners score high on the scale and so please do contact us for samples that you can test apply in your application.
Please contact us to discuss these points, obtain free printed label and material samples and send your artwork for proof printing.
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