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Custom printed labels include bespoke and personalised digital labels printed from your artwork files. Custom printed labels are designed for a specific brand label and they contain specific images, text and possibly barcode data; they can address a range of multi design labels where a distinct and unique product range are featured so custom printed labels are not standard, they are labels printed just for you.

We digitally print bespoke self adhesive labels without printing plate costs since we  introduced the first Xeikon digital label presses of their type into the UK in 2005 and our label service is enabling manufacturers of small volumes and wide variety of product to experience unique brand identity through just-in-time processes and to access top quality printed labels.
Our process is eco-friendly and food safe, we do not use solvent based inks, our process uses a dry toner which is colourfast and has a large process colour gamut.
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Custom Printed Labels

In addition with our digital custom printed labels print process we print direct from your files so there is no transport of plates or disposal and we print wide varieties of multi design sort labels in the single run, die cut and supplied on rolls by type ready to apply.

We also print press proofs on the production stock and finish for you to test apply so you can fully model the complete range of your labelled products before committing to any production label quantities.
For people new to buying printed labels it is important to understand the difference between traditional rotary offset labels print and the most recent digital labels printing.
Traditional label printing is achieved by transferring solvent based liquid ink from a container to the self adhesive label stock by the use of printing plates wrapped around cylinders. A plate is required for each colour and each different label design so for custom printed labels to your design of say a 100g hand cream jar and the label carries an image of a hand then you probably need 4 plates for the process colour illustration and black text. If you also require a 50g version of the same size then an additional black plate is required for the 50g text version.
The cost of printing plates means it is necessary to print large quantities in order to amortise plate costs and achieve reasonable unit label prices so for entrepreneurs and artisan specialist businesses there is no real possibility using offset to achieve full colour leading edge brand identity on say a small batch production of 4 different cosmetic products, each using standard 4 colour process, on the same size colour labels with illustrations and text across 2 size variants resulting in the need for 20 plates at typically £50 each so £1k before they start to add set-up, material and other costs.
Printing plates are not only expensive they are wasteful, they are made from polymer in many cases in a not so eco friendly process, and the plates are then transported and after use often become land fill. The conventional print process has some other environmental problems where solvent based inks are used and fumes abated etc. Our Xeikon digital presses avoid the eco issues of other processes and enable us to deliver a fast quality label service.
So please contact us for digital printed labels and send your artwork files for proof printing.
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