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Clear digital labels for the no-label look

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We print digital clear labels and our process applies an opaque white to back regions of the artwork where required so the background container or contents can show through the clear printed label.

The REVO label is cut in half and mounted on black to show one part reversed so the dense digital white can be seen conforming to and applying a white backing.

The "no label" look for labelling everything from mineral water and alcopops to shampoos and shower gels and now, an enormous number of household and personal care labels.


Detailed Information

The use of clear labels has become widespread in the last two decades. Clear labels now come in polyethylene, which makes them extremely flexible. Look at the clear labels on shower gel or shampoo for a great example.

Clear labels are even more popular when constructed from polypropylene. Diecut to the most weird and wonderful shapes and sizes, think of clear labelling on mineral water bottles, alcopops and other bottles which provide the consumer with the "no label" look.

By marrying the appropriate combination of face stock, adhesive, and carrier Etiquette achieves the clarity of a direct printed bottle or container with no compromise to design or print quality. Label? What label! For extra impact, we also recommend you have your clear labels foil blocked. If you require extra durability, polyester is the material of choice.

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